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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Benefits of Thrive Planet 

A common flaw for employees and startups failure is inadequate connections. Skill is fine and wisdom is splendid but connections are more valuable than either.  The Thrive initiative provides learning and earning opportunities for individuals working in a group of 10 members (Future Changemakers Group) to learn various types of personal development skills, team management skills and also to build their own connections.  The initiative is unmatched in the world with no loss and 22 benefits as mentioned under:


1.  A simple work task of presenting National Dare of Mother India Care to road users for GIBMA Kriya to fix root cause of daily road accident deaths in India.

2.  GIBMA Kriya is a scientifically proven solution, a critical need for all road users, and has an unlimited market and no competitor.

3.  Learn, earn  and garner connections in a family of 10 Future Changemakers, a syndicate of leaders.

4   Upto Rs. 30K or more monthly income for 1 to 2 years or till 10K Dare whichever comes early

5.  Opportunity to earn Rs. 5 Lakh in 2 years with 20K connection building, your network is your net worth.

6   Various Personal skill Development & Value Enhancement including mind managment**** which no university is teaching in the world.

7.  After 2 years earn Certificate of Master of Conscious Connections Profit Sharing Agreement & dashboard link.

8   Passive income for your life time as FC Bonus*.

9   Job Placement assistance with a starting CTC of 10 Lakh and assistance to start own business

10. Opportunity for international tour,  Vatan Ka Heera Award, Royal Warrior Excellence Award & Recognition opportunity from United Nations**

11. Gratitude Meditation Habit and Safer road journeys for everyone.

12. Your name will be written in the history with a title of Future Changemaker.

13.  Association with National Program and feel the sense of contribution to nation

14. At Thrive Planet you either win or learn, no scope of failure.

15. Office desk & chair at designated office on reservation basis***.

16. You will be providing direct enrollment (employment) to 10 members and also food/medicine for 10 needy people and for this noble work you will get lot of blessings of brightest future

17. Credit facility to purchase stock ^.

18. There is no harm or shortcoming at Thrive Planet, & a little progress on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear

19. Working for a common good is always a greatest creed becuase your efforts will improve the society, and if it were for a company then your efforts will improve the promoters of the company.

20. The promoters of the organization are earning passive income and wish to empower individuals to earn passive income by enrolling with the organization while working for a common good..

21. GIBMA Kriya's offline and online subscription selling only at Rs. 100/- is made simple, even deaf and dumb can do it and after the trial sale  get enrolled as Future Changemaker on exclusive territory basis.

22. The noble goal set by the organization is to achieve 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030 which can be achieved with the combined efforts.

23. The Hon'ble Upalokayukta (Present Lokayukta) has said during virtual event "Kudos to all those who are associated with this organization".

24. The Hon'ble governor of Maharashtra issued recommendation letter for award to that person who is associated with this organization.

25. Indian army is volunteering for this organization which they hardly do for any other organization.

26. Gutka, Pan masala and many other product needs celebrity face for promotion, Apple product needs no celebrity face for promotion and our product (Solution) is the best and needs no celebrity face for its promotion.


* Repurchasing revenue generated by your connections through our admin team.

 ** Top performer eligible to get recognition from United States based on the recommendation of Mother India Care.

*** Proposed Locations across India.

**** Mother India Care (thru its Upcoming University) is going to provide bachalor degree, MBA and PhD in mind management which no univerisity is providing in the world because the mind is invisible


The above national campaign is receiving a huge applauds from the road safety professionals, career & life coaches. You either win or learn, no scope of failure. Under this Thrive campaign individuals are getting enrolled every day across India (One Lakh Seats). The seats are limited and once the numbers are met the enrollment window will be closed. If interested to know more details and would like to join as a Future Changemaker to create history, then click on the below link to proceed.


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