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 National Road Safety Month - NRSM - 15th Jan to 14th Feb 2024 

The Government of India celebrates National Road Safety Week every year since 1989 and now it is celebrated for a month instead of a week.  The recent WHO report for the year 2022 states that road accident deaths have declined by 5% globally, but have increased in India. That means India ranks last in the world in terms of road safety.  Since 35 years key stakeholders have been conducting various activities to increase public awareness for road safety and we still need awareness and when are we going to start preparation.

 Our addiction to instant gratification is preventing us from being prepared for man-made disasters. We observe outside world, we observe others but we have stopped observing ourselves on roads which leads to accidental suicide. Accidental suicides are increasing because our seventh sense is weak and mental slavery is at its peak. Time to save yourself from yourself and defeat yourself from yourself. A book can teach you, a conversation can assure you, a poem can seduce you, a genius can inspire you but only you can save yourself. If you prioritise yourself you are going to save yourself. It is hard to save the world when you can't save yourself. Introspect to screen yourself and save yourself.

We have become so addicted to the instant gratification that we are blind to the impact it has on our lives which is very dangerous. Taking action to prevent a disaster is humane and waiting for the disaster to occur and then taking action for relief & recovery is inhumane"..... There is already an impending disaster looming on us which is human induced disaster called as accidental suicide caused by our actions and behaviour on roads.

We all claim that our daily road journeys are safe and we are doing so to avoid the effort of preparation, relying on an outside world that is out of control, and also feeling that no preparation is necessary. And by doing this we are living a life of illusion.  We all think that we are safe, others are unsafe and those 500 people who are dying in road accidents every day were also claiming the same. That means our claim is false, all our claims are being blown to pieces, we have been badly exposed and we are not prepared for man-made disaster. Our road sense performance is very poor and we have to accept this if we really want to improve the position of our country from last rank to first rank.

We are failing in road journey life for 35 years and if it continues, disaster is our destination and we are leaving disaster in our legacy. By failing to prepare we are preparing to fail. Prepare & prevent in place of repair & repent. Preparation can save 500 precious lives that we are losing to accidental suicide every day.

This is a matter of honor and respect of our country. If you are a true patriot, then prove it right now. Don't we think this is a matter of huge insult to Indians in the world? The greatness of the country is due to the good deeds of the countrymen and if more than 500 countrymen are becoming victims of accidental suicide every day due to the deeds of the countrymen then is this not hurting the greatness of the country ?

All key stakeholders are conducting public awareness campaigns to reduce accident deaths but the outcome and impact is nil. "An unhappy person does not understand wisdom, even a happy person does not understand wisdom".  Happy persons don't want to come out from their comfort cage and unhappy persons only look for they need most.  If sown in barren land, the seeds get destroyed and if sown in the garden of barren mind, even the seeds of words get destroyed. For these reasons people are still unable to take the knowledge to their inner intelligence and unable to implement it in their daily life. 

Awareness is the lowest form of impact and preparation is the highest form of impact. Darkness has no match with the light but light must be active because in the absence of light the darkness is automatic. Unpreparedness is no match with preparedness but the preparedness must be active because in the absence of preparedness the unpreparedness is automatic. Remember when disaster strikes time to prepare has passed.

Whole world has reduced this daily road carnage but we Indians are still moving with the sleeping consciousness. Our population also cannot be blamed for this because the density of the population of Singapore  is 18 times more than our India and they have reduced it considerably. When we will have the waking consciousness.  Those who are not taking action Mother India Care is considering them as human stones.

Road users blame the major cause of road accidents is infrastructural deficits and government blames behavioural deficits of road users also account for the major  cause of road accidents in India. The deficits in road infrastructure and behaviour of road users are required to be surveyed and audited. Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety issued direction to the government to conduct survey on pedestrians to reduce their death. Government of India has given a call to NGOs to work on the mindset of road users to reduce road accident deaths, and can be seen in the video below.

Mother India Care in collaboration with Global Wisdom Research has already devised a mechanism called Gibma Kriya which is very effective in changing the mindset of road users.   In general, road users claim they are safe on the road and don't want to change their old mindset and feel smart by using a smartphone. The technology used in smartphones as well as the technology in our brains needs to be updated as they may not work correctly if they are not updated. We update smartphone technology and ignore updating brain technology. Every day around 500 road users are dying in road accident in India and they too were claiming themselves safe road users. That means their claim is false and requires immediate attention and introspection. The road accident deaths are keep on increasing and India is at No. 1 in the world in road accident deaths.

Mother India Care has initiated National Road Safety Introspection of all road users across India through online and recording the outcome of the introspection in our data storage bank. We question the rest of the world except ourselves and the day we started questioning ourselves we can bring the major change within us. The introspection should be done 3 to 4 times every year so as to effectively draw public attention from outside world to inside world. We appeal all road users to participate & support us to achieve the 360 degree reversal in road accident deaths in India by 2030 and also to improve India's ranking in the world from last to first place in road Safety.

All key stakeholders can register their profile and make their actions count on National Road Safety Atlas NRSA . The NRSA is featuring the impact of the various road safety activities of key stakeholders. Get MIC coupon and be eligible to win a cash prize of Rs. one crore thru a lucky dip.  Various key stake holders are observing National Road Safety month. Mother India Care will be observing it not only for a week or a month but also throughout the year.

Awareness is the lowest form of impact and preparation is the highest form of impact. Proper preparation prevents poor performance - PPPPP.  We appeal to the key stakeholders that in addition to their one-month awareness campaigns, road safety preparedness campaigns should be conducted throughout the year and their actions and impacts should be recorded in the National Road Safety Atlas..


NRSM Event Closing Ceremony..


 Glimpses of Past Events on - National Road Safety Week  

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