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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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CSR Partnership

India, the nation of heritage is slowly leading its way to the web of various social issues. Of late, the major and most important social concern is the escalating rate of fatalities caused due to the road accidents. Mother India Care has thus taken up an initiative to aim towards subsidizing and assisting the following social concerns through different projects;

Child Education Support

Emergency Rescue & Relief

Disaster Relief Centers

National Safety Brigade

Poverty Relief

Disaster Relief

Hunger Relief

Shelter Relief

Human Rights Relief

Family Emergency Relief

Family Counseling Support

Mother India Care Operational Support

Recently, several business houses have enthusiastically, annexed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); highlighting a company’s sense of responsibility towards the welfare of the community and the environment in which it operates.

Corporate reputations are no longer judged by financial performance alone. Today’s investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders want to know a company’s social and environmental impacts before doing business. Standing Partnership understands that a strong corporate reputation depends on an effective and holistic corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Meeting your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals while increasing customer loyalty, solidifying your brand, and growing your business isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Mother India care offers a suite of cause marketing programs to help you do just that.

In India, the corporate conscience not only has helped to reckon social value to all the business ventures but have also aided many noble cause projects to fulfill the responsibilities as an individual organization towards the various social problems of the country. Consequently, all the business firms must be encouraged to step forward so as to help resolving social concerns and eliminate them thereafter, from our country.

Mother India Care acts like a stimulant that aims and works towards helping the corporate houses in deliberately investing in social initiatives; thereby, making them quintessential by strengthening their Corporate Social Responsibility program by steering them to adopt, initiate or engage in partnership for various social projects to make a difference in the society.

Mother India Care has an unexampled working model-which in turn helps implementing sustainability, scalability, accountability, transparency, credibility and effective leadership.

Mother India Care comprises of a team of manpower, audit and evaluation mechanism  to fortify the right use of money and ultimately contribute a huge social return on investments against traditional methods. The exclusive working model is acclaimed for charity brand today.


Cause Marketing

You can extend your support for cause marketing.

Underwriting Expenses

In any organization, there are several operational costs computed pertaining managing and maintaining the organization and its work. Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses or individuals.

At Mother India Care, we have a memoir of expenses like stipends, information technology, office furniture, basic amenities, travelling funds, trainings, organizing fund raising events and so forth. Your engagement in partnership with Mother India Care to underwrite our organizational expenses, would not only help to increase our focus and strength but also it would create a lasting change in our attempts towards heal social issues.

Pay Roll Support

The corporate administration can instill a sense of responsibility in them by encouraging them to donate at least hundred rupees per month to showcase their commitment to the recurring causes of the society. This program not only will facilitate the brand with CSR strengths but also it would help to stimulate positive changes in the society.

It’s quite simple too! A decided amount is deducted on payday of the employees and sent to Mother India Care as a consolidated amount every month. Employees receive a payment summary at the end of the financial year along with a tax exemption certificate.


Sponsor A Project

Mother India Care abridges the gap between your firm and the project taken up to collect funds for social causes by providing non-financial inputs to the project, like training, technical expertise, build capacity, communication and campaign support. Nevertheless, it monitors the working through our Development Support Unit. You can also extend financial support also.

To sponsor a project, you can choose to support either an entire project or just a part of it.

For more information on partnering with Mother India Care or to meet a Mother India Care representative please contact the organization Mother India Care through Email;

For more information on partnering with Mother India Care or to meet a Mother India Care representative, please contact the Mother India Care or write to us at

Please click her join our Corporate Partnership program

NOTE: All Donations to Mother India Care are covered under CSR Rules and are eligible of tax exemption u/s 80G

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