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The vehicle era begun in India in the year 1897 as a resident of Kolkata brought the first car in India and thereafter 4 persons brought cars in Mumbai.


And now after 125 years, more than 30 crores vehicles are plying in India. It is noteworthy that every day 53700 new vehicles are being registered and released on roads.


It is noteworthy to mention here that everyday 1 person in every 4 minutes are dying in India that means as an average 360 people are dying in India with road accident deaths.


Now we are heading towards the pandemic ending and it has changed and affected many lives in India and across the world. The road accident deaths are deadlier than pandemic because the families victims hardly get a chance to say the last goodbye to road accident victims.


Road accident deaths are human induced disaster, and a global issue. The major issue lies at the mindset.


This can be explained with the equation

100% tools + 100% training.+ 100% experience + 100% actions X 0% mindset = 0 result. This equation clearly shows that how important is the mindset in road safety. This is the most ignored fact. Mother India Care has taken up the task and working and monitoring closely on A to  Z of road safety.


The envisioned goal which is also a common smart goal of mother India Care, envisages achieving zero death and no serious injury by road crash in India by 2030.


Every road user should adopt road safety oath, do the positive self affirmation and the brain will release the neuron to the body and the body will act accordingly.


It is a process in which road users  burn negative affirmation that are stored in the mind and insert, recite and visualize the positive affirmation (constituted on the principle of law of attraction) which is called as the road safety oath and also the safety and victory mantra to end road carnage. based on the law of attraction.  The safety & victory mantra has been constituted after a years long research which is covering all aspects of road safety and road users are producing the desired yield and controlled output



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