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Akaal Akhand Jyoti

GIBMA Kriya - Making No. 1

Vatan Ka Heera - Dare

Plant A 10K Magic Tree
Of Blessings & Money
The Best seed to
Thrive in 2022

Join National Movement to #EndRoadCarnage

Safety & Victory Mantra
Join 2.5 Lakh Oath Takers
Road Safety Prayer-1st Batch

Amal India Movement

Going Green

We Support United Nations
Paris Agreement

5D Grande

Kaun Banega Supergenius

Runners Club India

Rally 2 Rule

All India & Wold rally 


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.....

Disaster Relief Center

 DOAP-2030 Sponsorship Opportunities 
 1. Logo Space in Oath Remind - ORB Stickers for vehicles, homes & work place 

 2. Oath Reminding Bags 

 3. Logo space in Certificate of Commitment 

 4. Logo Space in Preamble Memento 

 5. Logo Space in Certificate of Appreciation - Road Safety Training 

 6. Logo Space for Mind & Body Care First Aid Box 

 7. Coroprate Gift Vouchers - Issued to Genius road users and they can redeem these gift vouchers at partnered vendors for service & products 

 8. Sponsor Our Exclusive Road Safety Research Program 

 9. Space in Road Safety Review Book - Biyearly publication 

 10. Sponsor Road Safety News or e-interview Session with key stakeholders LIVE  

 11. Sponsor Reflective Materials 

 12. Logo Space in T-Shirts & Caps 

 13. Annual Magazine - National Reformer 

 14. Verious Opportunities For Road Safety Rally 

 15. The Burning Road - Movie - Partnership and sponsorships 

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     Collaborations with Industry leaders for a National Project to manage National Disaster