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Please do not pay any money to any unauthorized person or our authorized person for getting a job at Mother India Care, we can not be held responsible for such dealing.

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 Action & Prevention Game - Walk & Fly - Avoid slapping on joined hands in the case of mistake 
Please fill in the below online form with requisite details to participate in the Road Safety Action & Prevention Game - Walk & Fly & also to prevent slapping on joined hands in case of mistake. Please refer the game rules herein below. The event date is 26 Nov 2024 at Bangalore
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 Caution Game Rules 

Road Safety Action & Prevention Game: Walk & Fly - Prevent slapping Game has been organized to encourage accident prevention so that road users remain cautious and conscious on roads. The participant has to listen to the names of the living creatures spoken by the game referee during the game and understand which creature flies and which creature walks and perform fast and accordingly , and also prevent slapping in the case of mistake. The same kind of caution shown to follow road traffic rules and also to prevent slapping on your hands is what road users should do to prevent road accidents when they are on the roads and that is the main purpose of this caution game.

The participant should play in the spirit of the game. Participant has to keep 1 finger on the table and on receiving the command of Bird you have to lift your fingers up and on receiving the command from game referee of cow you have to do walking action with two fingers. The names of living creatures will be changed and you will have to listen very carefully and act immediately to walk or fly with the 2 fingers. Every wrong or delayed action will take you out from the game. 

Once the participant is out from the walk and fly game, then he/she has to participate in the prevention round and try to prevent the slapping on the hand. If you prevented the slapping you are winner and if failed to prevent the slapping you are loser.

1.  10 participants will be selected as finalists*

2.  The shortlisted participants will be intimated

3.   Any individual of any age group can participate

4.  Participant has to do the act of walking and flying with fingers on receiving the command.

5.  If the suffix of a word red or green is used then you have to stop or move.

6.   Only one attempt is allowed to slap on the jpined hands

7.  The slapping hand distance should be not be less than 2 feet from the joined hands

8.  The joined hands should be kept in a stable position.

9.  The arms should be kept fully extended with joined hands.

10.   Winner will be selected who prevented the slapping.

11.  The winner will get cash prize**

12. Best wishes for the participants.


* Selection criteria will be updated on 15th October 2024

**  Proize money to be updated on 15 October 2024

 Action & Prevention - A&P Game - Walk / Fly with finger & Prevent slapping if committed mistake 

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